Visits and Outings policy

Statement of Intent

Polstead Preschool believes that visits and outings play an important and enriching role in the programme of activities that we provide for children. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our children during such events.

Prior to a visit or outing, if logistically possible, a member of staff or Committee Member (Events Coordinator) will carry out an exploratory visit of the proposed destination so as to pre-empt any potential difficulties.

The Supervisor or Events Coordinator will ensure that a thorough risk assessment has been carried out prior to the proposed visit or outing, according to the provisions set out in the Risk Assessment policy. This should include consideration of the journey and any transportation involved. If a prior visit is not possible, the Supervisor or Events Coordinator will write to the venue requesting all relevant information and a risk assessment statement where available.

Preschool will make every effort to involve children in the planning of a visit or outing. Staff will explain to children the aims and objectives of the event, along with what is expected of them in terms of their behaviour and contribution.

Children will be talked through any potential safety hazards and told to remain with staff at all times. Staff will explain to children what to do in an emergency, including designating a suitable meeting point.

Parental Consent

No less than two weeks before a proposed visit or outing, Preschool will send an email to parents/carers giving them detailed information about the proposed event. This will include a full programme of activities, any additional costs involved, an outline of any journey involved and the mode of transport being used, as well as approximate arrival and departure times.

Parental consent is needed for all off-site visits and outings. The Supervisor will take a photocopy of the signed Visits and Outings Forms on the trip while the originals will be stored in Preschool’s records.

Parents/carers have the absolute right to withhold consent for a proposed visit or outing. Any child who does not have a signed consent form will not be allowed to participate.

During visits and outings

On visits or outings, the staff to child ratio will be at least 1:8, subject to the nature of the activity and the risk assessment.

Children will remain under close supervision at all times.

The Supervisor will ensure that a full First Aid kit is on hand, in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Health, Illness and Emergency policy.

A designated member of staff will keep a mobile phone with her/him at all times and the number will be circulated to all parents/carers in advance of the visits or outings. The number will also be left at Preschool in case of an emergency.

A register will be taken at the beginning, middle and end of the visit or outing. Additionally, regular head counts will be taken by staff.

A list of all members of staff, adults and children participating in the visit or outing, will be left with the Committee and/or home contact.

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