Suspensions and Exclusions policy

Statement of Intent

Polstead Preschool is committed to dealing with negative behaviour in a non-confrontational and constructive manner. Wherever possible, disruptive or challenging behaviour will be tackled collectively between staff and children in the setting. Such procedures are outlined in the Behaviour Management policy.

However, there are occasions when such strategies alone will not alter or prevent negative behaviour. In such cases, further action will be necessary, including reviewing a child’s place at Preschool, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Persistent unacceptable behaviour from a child will result in her/him receiving a formal warning from staff about her/his actions. Staff will explain to the child why the behaviour is unacceptable and the consequences of any further such incidents. Children will be encouraged to discuss her/his behaviour, to explain her/his actions, and helped to develop strategies to avoiding repeat incidents.

Details of all warnings, suspensions and exclusions will be recorded and kept on the setting’s records. Each warning should be discussed with the child concerned and her/his parent/carer. All staff will be made aware of any warnings given to a child. As a last resort, the Management Committee has the right to temporarily suspend or permanently exclude a child in the event of persistent and irresolvable unacceptable behaviour.

Children will only be suspended or excluded as a last resort, when there is no alternative action that could be taken, or when it is felt that other children and/or staff are potentially at risk.

Staff should always keep parents/carers informed about behaviour management issues relating to their child and attempt to work with them to tackle the causes of disruptive or unacceptable behaviour.

No member of staff may impose a suspension from Preschool without prior discussion with the Management Committee. Staff will consult the Supervisor as early as possible if they believe that a child’s behaviour is in danger of warranting suspension or exclusion.


Only in the event of an extremely serious or dangerous incident will a child be suspended from Preschool by the Supervisor with immediate effect. In such circumstances, the child’s parent/carer will be contacted immediately and asked to collect their child. Children will not be allowed to leave the premises until a parent/carer arrives to collect them. The Supervisor will inform the Management Committee of the incident as soon as possible.

After an immediate suspension has taken place, the Supervisor will arrange a meeting with the child concerned and her/his parents/carers to discuss the incident and decide if it will be possible for her/him to return to Preschool.

Suspensions and exclusions should be seen as consistent, fair and proportionate to the behaviour concerned. Consideration will be given to the child’s age and maturity. Any other relevant information about the child and her/his situation will also be considered.

When a suspension is over and before a child is allowed to return, there will be a discussion between staff, the child and her/his parent/carer and the Committee may set out the conditions of the child’s return.

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