Physical Environment policy

Statement of Intent

Preschool is committed to providing children with a stimulating and safe environment. We will do all we can to make our premises welcoming, friendly and safe to children, their parents/carers and any other visitors.

Preschool’s premises are safe, secure and adequately spacious for its purpose. The environment and atmosphere of the setting are welcoming to children and offer access to the necessary facilities for a broad and varied play experience.

The setting is committed to taking every possible step to ensure that all children have equal access to facilities, activities and play opportunities. (See the Equality and Diversity Policy).

Preschool’s premises comply with all the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and all other relevant regulations and guidance.

The Committee/Supervisor and Owner is responsible for ensuring that the setting’s premises are clean, well lit, adequately ventilated and maintained at an appropriate temperature. Daily risk assessments are carried out, in accordance with the Risk Assessment policy, to ensure that the facilities are maintained in a suitable state of repair and decoration.

During the opening hours, the premises are used by and solely available to Preschool, its staff and the children, as far as this is possible.

Preschool will do all it can to maintain an open room layout, allowing children to choose from a variety of play opportunities. All children will have adequate space to play and interact freely (a minimum of 2.3 square metres space per child).

There is adequate space for storing Preschool’s equipment safely and securely.

Under normal circumstances, staff will ensure that there is one toilet and one washbasin with hot and cold water available for every 10 children, ensuring an adequate balance between male and female facilities.

No child will be left unsupervised in the kitchen area.

Members of staff will have access to a telephone on the setting’s premises at all times.

Outdoor Play

Any outdoor play will take place in safe secure and well-supervised spaces. Before any outdoor activities commence, a thorough safety check and risk assessment will take place.

Outdoor play areas will be well maintained. Drains and pools water will be made safe or inaccessible to children, unless used as part of the Preschool’s activities. This will be risk assessed and supervised by 2 staff members at all times.

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