Our approach

At Polstead Preschool we believe that all children have the desire, ability, and motivation to learn about their world. We seek to nurture these natural impulses by providing an environment for learning and discovery that is supportive, stimulating, and challenging. Each child is seen as a unique individual and is given the opportunity to follow their instincts, direct, and take ownership over their learning. Simultaneously, teachers provide the structure, guidance, and challenges that children need to thrive.

We believe that the aesthetics of the learning environment are important - children find wonder and inspiration in materials, and are drawn to beauty in their environments. Our classrooms are arranged to provide a structured, consistent, and inspirational base for learning, and are filled with carefully chosen, teacher-prepared materials. Through hands-on work with these materials, children develop their knowledge of language, math, scientific, sensorial, and artistic concepts. Through observation, discussion, and work with the children, the teachers develop an understanding of them. The interplay of these classroom relationships fosters each child’s unique development.