Completing Ofsted forms

Declaration and Consent form (EY2)

The Ofsted Declaration and Consent form must be completed by all persons on the Management Committee. Note that Ofsted no longer accepts paper forms and that the consent and declaration must be completed online. This guidance is related to the old paper form so the on-line form might be different.

Section A – Details of childminder/childcare provider

  • A1. Already registered.
  • A2. Ofsted Unique Reference Number (URN) is 133989.
  • A3. Childcare on non-domestic premises.
  • A4. Polstead Preschool Oxford.
  • A5. N/A.
  • A6. Get from contact page on website.

Section B – Your connection with the registration

  • B1. N/A.
  • B2. N/A.
  • B3. N/A.
  • B4. Do not tick.
  • B5. Tick.
  • B6. Tick 'Committee member' option.
  • B7. Only the chair ticks this.
  • B8. Do not tick.
  • B9. Tick 'No' option.
  • B10. Tick 'No' option.
  • B11. Tick 'No' option.

Section C – Personal details

  • C1 – C14. Provide personal details.

Section D – Contact details

  • D1 – D2. Provide contact details. Provide your email address.

Section E – Past registration details

  • E1 – E5. Provide information.

Section F – Previous experience of being a carer

  • F1 – F2. Provide information on childcare experience.

Section G – Health details

  • G1 – G3. N/A.

Section H – Referees

  • H1 – H2. Provide referee information.

Section I – Suitability and disqualification

  • I1 – I5. Provide information on suitability.

Section J – Consent and declaration

  • J1. Complete and sign.

Ofsted DBS application

Follow the link below for information on the Ofsted DBS application process:

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